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FAQ How much does it cost to rekey my house?
Answer: We offer Free onsite estimates and we charge per lock.

FAQ Is it cheaper to replace hardware or rekey?
Answer: It is always cheaper to rekey.

FAQ My deadbolt isn't working, can you fix that?
Answer: Yes and there could be many causes as to why your lock is not working. We will analyze and correct to get your home secure again.

FAQ Are you located in Pagosa Springs?
Answer: Yes we are!

FAQ I lost my car keys, can you make replacements?
Answer: Yes, we do.  We cut keys to manufacturer VIN and can do regular car keys as well as high security keys.  

FAQ Do you program chip keys?
Answer: Yes, we can program keys to work with your vehicle and we stock a great many of them right here in town.

FAQ Do you work on high security patio doors?
Answer: Yes for certain.  We repair stuck doors, replace worn out hardware and even replace shoebolt assemblies.

FAQ Can you rekey my patio doors?
Answer: Yes, we do it all of the time and can even match it to your existing home keys.

FAQ I lost the keys to my RV, can you help?
Answer: Yes. Not only can we unlock to get you immediate access; we can also replace these lost keys.

FAQ Can you unlock my Thule?
Answer: Yes, most definitely

FAQ Can you unlock my house and make keys?
Answer: Yes, we do that on the spot

FAQ Can you rekey my commercial doors?
Answer: Yes, we do Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Business doors, Master Keying and More.

If you have any questions at all, just ask and we are happy to answer!